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Why SunSim Storage?
Very often the energy calculation - and economic too - for photovoltaic systems equipped with a storage is made on the basis of average yearly or seasonal data that do not take into account the actual trend of the electric loads.
we see therefore approximate calculations that in most cases lead to totally erroneous results because, especially at the individual user level, the highly uneven trend in consumption can not be reduced to behaviors averaged over time.
As a demonstration of what has been said, one should try to consider whether the method of calculation used is able to respond to the following questions:

  • Does it take into account the different seasonal behaviours, considering the different availability of the solar resource and the different trend of the loads (e.g. lighting heating / cooling devices, etc.)?
  • Does it take into account the different loads trend during a week (working days, saturdays, sundays)?
  • Does it take into account of the probable periods of summer inactivity (holydays, closings, etc.)?
  • Does it take into account the different load types (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.)?

SunSim Storage answers to all the above needs
easily and quickly

It is possible to plot yearly, monthly and daily diagrams for the production, the consumption and the electric grid excange, the fraction of self-consumption and the charge level of the storage

These results can be exported in the form of tables and reports compatible with the most diffused spreadsheets and word processors


Single workstation licence (1 User - 1 Workstation): .................. 99 Euro + VAT*

10 workstations licence (1 User - 10 workstations): .................. 159 Euro + VAT*

50 workstations licence (1 User - 50 workstations): .................. 199 Euro + VAT*

(*) when applicable

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