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The program SunSim 8.0 is proposed as the simplest, easiest and most intuitive method to esteem the solar radiation collected by a photovoltaic (or thermal) system both stationary and tracking.

Why SunSim is unique of its kind
In order to obtain the necessary characteristics of speed and ease of use, we have chosen to limit as possible the use of the of the keyboard, instead favoring the introduction of data my means the use of the mouse. A plain sliding of the mouse on the solar paths diagram in facts allows to orient the PV module surface, while the configuration setup can be easy selected by means of buttons or drop-down menus.
SunSim 8.0 includes more than 200 sites, with the possible variants, in Europe, North Africa e Middle East. The user may also create new sites by starting from those proposed, with latitudes that range from Equator to North pole.
The tracking mode on 2 axes has been added a few variants of single-axis tracking, whose comprehension has been made easier by means a simple icon that shows the movements of the PV modules plane.
SunSim is able to take into consideration the various factors that affect the result, first shading, albedo and atmospheric torbidity.
The report files are both .RTF and .CSV type and therefore compatible with the most used word processors and spreadsheets.

Differently from the previous vesions, freely downloadable, SunSim 8.0 is now offered for a fee, although the cost of a license has been purposely limited and it is significantly lower than that of other programs for solar calculation avsailable on the market. The decision to maintain a price accessible to everyone for a program of this kind was mainly dictated by the desire to contribute to the diffusion of the knowledge of the solar resource anf its use, as is tradition of SunSim for the past 15 years.
SunSim 8.0 doeas not need any installation and can be run from any folder contained in a fixed or movable data storage, simply by double-clicking on the icon of the program. As SunSim 8.0 has been greatly expanded from previous versions (including the screen resolution), we suggest to download the test version SunSimTest.exe and once that the compatibility is verified, proceed to chechout.
Not all antiviruses allow the download of executable files, therefore a compressed version is also available (SunSimTest.zip), which requires a subsequent extraction of the executable file by means of WinZip o another equivalent software.
SunSimTest is a Demo program that consents only to verify the compatibility of SunSim 8.0 with the given PC and to have a simple idea of its numerous performances.


Single workstation licence (1 User - 1 Workstation): .................. 79 Euro + VAT*

10 workstations licence (1 User - 10 workstations): .................. 139 Euro + VAT*

50 workstations licence (1 User - 50 workstations): .................. 189 Euro + VAT*

(*) when applicable

To freely download the manual in english


To purchase send a request via e-mail to: INFO@SUNSIM.IT